What’s your most bizarre place for online shopping?

According to  Give as you Life survey of 2,000 adults, almost half (48 per cent) of Brits shop online in bed, while 11 per cent do so while on the toilet, and 1 per cent during sex.

The research found that a further one in 10 (11 per cent) of us admit to shopping online whilst dining or drinking out – an indicator that the rise of smartphones and tablets has led to an increase in shopping taking place in previously off-limits areas.

Men are the biggest culprits of shopping on the go, with more men than women admitting to shopping on the toilet (13 per cent versus 7 per cent), when dining or drinking out (13 per cent versus 9 per cent), on a date and even during sex (2 per cent versus 1 per cent).

Steff Lewis, head of consumer insights at Give as you Live, said: “The ability to compare prices and product reviews means that internet shopping has become a staple for many of us – but there’s a time and a place. Shopping on the loo or in bed is fine, but on a date or during sex – really?”

Manchester is the bed shopping capital of England, with two thirds (59 per cent) of locals shopping under their duvets.

The most amount of toilet purchases took place in Belfast where one fifth (22 per cent) of residents admitted to making a purchase while on the loo.

So, What’s your most bizarre place for online shopping?




How Much Time Are You Willing to Spend Shopping?

Insurance.com survey posted the following list which shows how much time on average that consumers said that they were willing to spend looking for a better price on these items:

  • Airfare: 68 minutes
  • Laptop computer: 68 minutes
  • Auto insurance: 63 minutes
  • Hotel rooms: 53 minutes
  • Rental car: 48 minutes
  • Clothing: 41 minutes
  • Children’s toys: 36 minutes
  • Prescription drugs: 34 minutes
  • Groceries: 33 minutes
  • Pet food: 26 minutes
  • Beer or alcohol: 17 minutes
  • Cigarettes: 16 minutes


How about you?


Finding the best deals also requires stability

Finding the best deals also requires stability

Finding the best deals also requires stability

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Showrooming becoming far more prevalent

ShowroomingShowrooming is a popular new practice where consumers go into physical retail stores to examine products before purchasing them online, sometimes from the same retailer. Getting a hands on experience with a product has its perks, but heading into a brick-and-mortar store is a time consuming process that shopping online is partially designed to eliminate. The practice, according to Consumerist, occurs mostly so shoppers can ensure a product is what they want, not to price check. In fact, most shoppers reported choosing to shop online because they didn’t want to deal with store representatives.

The majority of products that are showroomed are electronics. Purchasing a new TV, stereo system or computer can be an expensive proposition, and getting hands on experience with the product can be invaluable for ensuring it’s exactly what the consumer wants. The news source reported that Best Buy was the mostly popular store to showroom at, with 23 percent of respondents to a Harris Interactive survey listing it. Walmart was ranked second most popular at 21 percent and Target third at 12 percent.

After examining products at the retail store, 57 percent of respondents said they then went on to make their final purchase at Amazon. However, 12 percent of those who reported showrooming at Best Buy purchased the product at Best Buy’s own online store, while 8 percent of Walmart showroomers went to Walmart.com to make the purchase. According to the news source, Target had the highest number of showroomers-to-Amazon shoppers at 72 percent, while only 8 percent bought the item at Target’s website.

For consumers who enjoy showrooming, Amazon may not always be the top end-sale choice. One of the main benefits of shopping online is finding amazing deals, and while Amazon is an excellent, well-respected online retailer, it doesn’t always have the best price. Shoppers should download DealPly to make sure they optimize their savings every time, whether showrooming or not.

DealPly securely searches online while you do, bringing up similar items or lower prices from other, reputable online vendors every time you shop, helping you not only save on shipping, but find one-time discounts, coupons and other ways to save. Additionally, DealPly’s high-quality metrics ensure you are always shopping from secure and reputable vendors, so you never have to worry about being scammed. Rather than just saving money, use DealPly to really get the most out of online shopping.

Shopping takes time, DealPly is free

Shopping Takes TimesShopping smart to get the best deals can still cost consumers time, but with DealPly, checking multiple vendors at once is a breeze. Rather than taking the time to search various sites for a lower price, coupon or discount, DealPly automatically does the searching for you, helping you find the perfect pair of running shoes or the right dining set and get back to more important tasks.

The time it takes to really search the internet for the lowest price can be astonishing. With so many websites to look through, shopping online can be an ordeal, although it still beats driving to multiple stores. However, shoppers still run risks, such as purchasing from less-than-trustworthy vendors, buying misleading products and more. DealPly eliminates all of these risks and cuts down on shopping time with ease.

Using high-quality algorithms, DealPly automatically searches through reputable, certified vendors to ensure you find the lowest price and don’t have to worry about getting ripped off. At the same time, DealPly will only search for the same or similar products, helping shoppers cut down on accidently purchasing the wrong item because of misleading advertising.

Walmart implements new online shopping system

Walmart Online Shopping

Rather than try to beat Amazon at its own game, Walmart is looking to implement a logistics system that integrates its brick and mortar stores with online shopping to expedite service. The solution will allow physical stores to fullfill online shopping orders for nearby customers, expediting shipping and helping consumers get their products faster. This will also allow the company to spread online shopping demands across the country, instead of relying on a few select warehouses to fulfill orders.

“It now is vowing to solve its online problem with a distribution network that shares inventory information between 4,000 stores and 158 warehouses and immediately sizes up the most efficient way to deliver a television or T-shirt to a customer nearby,” The Wall Street Journal reported.

According to the news source, the new system will even have Walmart employees pulling items off the shelves in their stores to meet online orders.

Whether shopping at Amazon or Walmart online, shoppers can ensure they get the lowest prices with DealPly. The powerful browser addon will automatically search reputable vendors in order to match prices and find the best deals so that shoppers can save time and ensure they are saving every time they shop.

More shoppers are returning to malls, potentially missing out on online savings

More shoppers are returning to malls, potentially missing out on online savings

More shoppers are returning to malls, potentially missing out on online savings

More consumers are returning to shopping malls for their purchasing needs, potentially missing out on great sales online.

More consumers are returning to shopping malls for their purchasing needs, potentially missing out on great sales online. According to a recent study by Glimcher Realty Trust, 57 percent of consumers reported visiting their local mall more frequently so far in 2013 than they did in 2012. While shopping online is convenient, many use shopping in a mall as a convenient way to get out of the house, even in unpleasant weather.

According to the study, this rise in mall traffic is a positive sign for the economy, but shoppers can still save more online if they use the right tools. DealPly offers users a convenient way to ensure they are getting the best prices no matter where they prefer to shop. By automatically searching the net for the lowest price, coupons, discounts and other deals, DealPly directs shoppers to the highest savings with a single search. Far more convenient than the mall.

Shopping at the mall can be nice sometimes, but DealPly makes sure you always save, no matter what items you’re looking for.

DealPly helps eliminate overspending

The temptation to go over budget when shopping can be strong, especially when shopping online where you can’t use cash to curb the habit.

DealPly helps eliminate overspending

DealPly helps eliminate overspending

The temptation to go over budget when shopping can be strong, especially when shopping online where you can’t use cash to curb the habit. However, there are a variety of ways to help stop overspending and ensure you stay within budget, no matter what you’re shopping for.

Making a list can be the most effective way to curb overspending. By creating a list of purchases that need to be made and sticking to it, shoppers can make sure they spend only what they intend to and not a dollar more. However, especially when shopping online, seeing advertisements for other products, or bundles that provide a lower price for multiple items can encourage extraneous purchase.

Utilizing DealPly to find the lowest prices online can help shoppers purchase their items conveniently and quickly, cutting out the risks of overspending and allowing consumers to save even more by finding discounts and coupons with ease. DealPly’s convenient browser addon will automatically search for consumers and provide them with lower priced and similar products from reputable vendors, without offering deals that could encourage continued spending once the intended items are purchased.

3 things even DealPly can’t help with when shopping online

While DealPly helps you get the lowest price, there is still more a shopper needs to do to optimize online shopping and minimize risks once and for all.

3 things even DealPly can't help with when shopping online

3 things even DealPly can’t help with when shopping online

DealPly helps you find the best deals quickly and easily online, helping you shop faster and get on to more important things. By automatically searching the net for the best deals, coupons, discounts and special offers from reputable vendors, DealPly improves security and efficiency in a time when speed is a critical part of any online activity. However, there are a few other factors that can affect your personal security and privacy, which DealPly can’t catch – but you can – with a little attention to detail.

Email spam
Many businesses sell your email address to make extra money from transactions. By setting up a dedicated, secure email address to use for online shopping, rather than using their primary account, shoppers can protect themselves and reduce the amount of junk mail they get. According to Business Today, this will also help protect shoppers from identity theft by reducing the number of accounts connected to a user’s primary email.

Poor website security
Just because a given vendor is reputable doesn’t mean its website is as secure as possible. Checking to make sure an online retailer is a member of TRUSTe or VeriSign programs and uses HTTPS to ensure security during the checkout process will save shoppers time and headaches later. Additionally, according to the news source, shoppers should always be wary about volunteering information to online vendors that isn’t necessary for the ordering process, as this could be a sign of a scam or an indicator that the retailer is gathering information to sell to third-party companies.

Hidden costs
Some websites will overcharge for shipping or have shady return policies in order to recoup the costs of their discounted products. Making sure to check shipping and complex return policies will help shoppers continue to get the best deals and not accidentally get locked into restocking fees or other hidden costs. One trick used is to advertise “free” shipping, but then require shoppers to spend a higher minimum than they might normally in order to get them to increase their order.

By using DealPly shoppers can increase their chances of getting the best price online, but there are still a few things shoppers can to minimize the risks and improve their overall shopping experience.

Get the best deals online every time

Saving money online is about more than finding the lowest price.

Saving money online is about more than finding the lowest price. By using DealPly, shoppers can make sure they are saving as much as possible and getting the products they want as cheaply as possible. However, according to Time, there are a few more ways to increase the savings.

One way to save more is to make sure you use the right card online. Sometimes it’s better to use a credit card than a debit card, or to shop using PayPal in order to take advantage of unique discounts or rewards programs. This will help anyone save, and can even even help you make a little money back when shopping.

Another way to save more is to shop without purchasing. According to Time, stores will often email customers that abandon their shopping carts discount codes or coupons to entice final purchases, helping shoppers save even more simply by being patient.

By taking advantage of these techniques and utilizing DealPly, you can make sure you get the lowest price every time, no matter what you’re shopping for or which vendors those deals are available through.